The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office offers a variety of internship opportunities to qualified high school and college students to give them real working experience in the field of law enforcement. Participating students work in a variety of settings in Bergen County’s largest law enforcement agency while enhancing his or her individual talents and skills.

To be eligible for an internship with the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office, applicants MUST:

  Be enrolled in a high school or college internship program.

  Contact your high school or college internship coordinator to ensure that all school requirements will be met.

      The Application Process

Once you have submitted your internship application. It will be carefully reviewed and suitable interns will be selected to move forward with the application process which includes a background investigation and drug screening. After the process is complete, you will be invited to the Internship Orientation where you will be given specific instructions, collect and review required paperwork as well as being provided  your unit placement.

  • Types of internships that are available
  • Community Outreach Unit
  • Police Academy
  • Bureau of Criminal Investigation
  • Mental Health Unit (Masters program only)
  • Bergen County Jail (Law Library, Medical Unit)
  • Civil Process
  • Crime Scene Investigation (2 Week Course Summer Only)
  • Information Technology

Prior to submitting an application

Please call the Community Outreach Unit at 201-336-3540  or email us at  to ensure we are accepting applications for the semester in which you are interested

How can this Internship benefit you?

You will have the opportunity to work alongside Sheriff Officers and civilian staff in various units to gain Law Enforcement exposure,  mentorship, and knowledge through supervised experiences.