Sheriff’s Main Office
2 Bergen County Plaza, Hackensack, NJ 07601

Patrol Headquarter
327 Ridgewood Ave, Paramus, NJ 07652

Phone: (201) 335 – 3500

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Funding an Inmate Account

(877) 650-4249                                                                          Contact is now  viapath   


Accounts may be funded by Web Deposit, Onsite Kiosk Deposit or Money Order



Inmate Trust Account –Allows money to be used for Commissary, Telephone calls or funding Tablet Time this is controlled by the inmate

Inmate Telephone Account – Only allows funds to be used for telephone calls this money is nontransferable.

Refunds may be issued only to the Depositor by contacting Viapath  (GTL) at 1-866-516-0115.


Press 1 for deposits and then 0 to speak with a customer service representative to request a refund.

Online Commissary Package

SecurePak is available through Keefe Commissary Network and allows Friends and Family to send a Care Package to an incarcerated individual

Each eligible inmate is allowed 2 packages per month totaling no more than $100 in product.

1-800-546-6283                  More Info                            Contact Us 

Inmate Tablet funding and Video Visiting

Create an Account to fund Inmate tablet accounts and participate in Video Visitation

Funding of tablets for Inmates – Only allows funds to be used for tablet activities and video visits this money is nontransferable

  Refunds may be issued only to the Depositor by contacting Viapath  (GTL) at 1-866-516-0115

  *Press 1 for deposits and then 0 to speak with a customer service representative to request a refund


1.866.516.0115                More Info              Contact Us 

Inmate In person Visit Scheduling

All visitors are subject to search.

Inappropriate behavior will result in your visit will be terminated, and your privilege suspended.

Visits may be cancelled at any time without notice due to Institutional Concerns or Emergencies


800#######                   More Info               Contact Us 

Inmate Information

The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office strives to provide inmates entrusted to its custody with all the protections and rights afforded to them by the America’s legal traditions and due process. As such, the Office permits inmates access to various legal, medical, religious and social professionals as an inmate’s needs require.

Attorneys, interpreters, clergy and medical or social professionals who desire to visit with a specific inmate must follow the following procedures:

  • Professional access to inmates will be permitted in the jail from 7:00 A.M. through 9:30 P.M. 7 days a week. All visits are subject to approval by the Tour Commander on duty.
  • Upon arrival, professionals will be asked to give their name and provide proper identification, such as a Bergen County Sheriff-issued identification card, Attorney Bar Association card, Motor Vehicle License or Medical License, to the Reception Officer on duty.
  • All persons entering the secure area of the Bergen County Jail must deposit cell phones, coats, keys, tobacco products and any other prohibited items in the lockers provided. FAILURE TO DO SO MAY RESULT IN FINES AND CRIMINAL PROSECUTION.
  • While visiting an inmate, only soft sided file folders are permitted within the jail The inmate may not be given anything other than legal papers.
  • Items such as money, pens, highlighters, paper clips, jewelry, matches, lighters, cigarettes and chewing gum are considered contraband and are strictly prohibited.